Rabbit Hole: Finale leaves an opening for a possible second season

Okay, so its finale time and we’re doing Rabbit Hole in real time ala “24”. I’ve been on the fence with this series. It’s been fine sometimes and then others I have absolutely no clue what has been going on. But we’re going to wrap it right now. Let’s go..

02:39: I don’t even know what that parking lot kidnapping was, and now the data legislation becomes law which I thought we were aiming to stop.

4:50: So, this Crowley cat, who is on oxygen and I hope is someone famous because they’re concealing his identity, basically orchestrated an attack on judges by isolating the radicals. Sadly, that’s feasible in the real world too.

5:27 I like this shot on Dance. The slow zoom in, the tone of his delivery. Very nice.

10:00 There have been times when Meta Golding has been the MVP this season. Most of these characters are running around saying things we don’t understand. She’s kept things grounded.


13:35 What do they want? Please tell us because I don’t know.

14:10 Jo Madi is kind of a lousy mom. Right? Who gives their kid a “hard pass”?

15:40 Now, you see? That was supposed to be a moment. But I don’t know what its suppose to mean. Is John afraid of never seeing Ben again? Is Ben still possibly a traitor? This show, man.

19:30 They’re going to kill this news lady. Aren’t they?

20:12 Well, I guess Madi is better than Crowley. At least they’ll still air that footage. Hopefully.

22:00 This is the second time John has complimented a hesitant character in less than five minutes. First the news anchor, now Madi.

22:34 At least that set is gorgeous. Looks like the vault from a couple of episodes ago.

22:37 Best part of the show so far. The news lady loses her reveal though but I suppose she still has the jump drive with the data on it. “We’re going to f*** em up”. First time I’ve felt something this ep.

27:53 Not enjoying too much of this. Its the finale. Where is the payoff?

28:47 Okay. Here we go. But I don’t want anymore flashbacks. Goodness.

32:11 Love this shot. Great looking hangar.

33:10 Lance Henriksen. Is that you? Got to love that casting and this pair exchanging lines in 2023.

34:17 Its that little s***, Kyle. Isn’t it? Break dancing on the table.


34:45 That lingering shot. They’re going to try to kill Homm before he can talk.

35:34 (buzzer noise) That was stupid. There are a hundred U.S Marshalls in plain site and the kids kills the security guard. That is just sloppy. Thumbs down.

35:55 Nice jab. Okay, okay. You give me an ace showdown here. I’ll forgive you.

35:58 Hailey got the guy. Three seconds later. No. Don’t like that. He’s supposed to be dangerous and you just nerfed the hell out of him.

39:32 “Your wife is on the line, she says its urgent.” Feels like another Crowley play.

40:54 I got that one right. Broadcast it anyways, John. And just good acting here by Kiefer Sutherland.

43:16 Nice payoff. Pushing the guard with the crown of her head and the shot between the legs was dope. Great line by Ben. He didn’t see it coming either. lol.

44:50: He’s too dangerous to let live Ben.

46:22 Some good suspense there. See you next season, Kyle. Probably as an anti hero.

49:55 See you next season too, Madi. You’ll probably get offed the first episode though.

51:01 That is a good look for Kiefer. Solid job by wardrobe the entire series.

51:53 I like that earpiece move. There is always someone higher. Love that final expression by Ben.

Verdict: After a dizzying and at times frustrating journey, Rabbit Hole did what it ultimately had to do. There could have been more action but I have to remind myself this isn’t 24. I’m glad I watched.

As for renewal? I don’t know. This show isn’t cheap and the online buzz never generated. It will be up to Paramount Plus to decide if they should come back to this or line up another Taylor Sheridan show. I would watch a second season of Rabbit Hole, but I would be picky when recommending it to friends. It takes focus.

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