Succession: BS pre election Braindead AOL era legacy media putrid stuffed mushroom bleep fest

Here is my late Succession post. I’ve been traveling because of the lack of affordable housing in Orlando. But I’ve finally found some time to screen my favorite show. Let’s go…

1:19: Gorgeous score. Wambsgans is getting us started this week. This is a Shiv blog by the way.

2:14 There is the title of my post.

3:10 Worst TV spouse gift ever?

3:35 (Arrested Development Ron Howard narration) “She didn’t like it”

5:30 Kendall’s wife (I always forget her name) always comes right back at him. Even more so than the sibs. Oh Rava. They said it.

8:30 Dead dad jokes. Yikes, Connor.

9:00 “Waystar Jesus” lol. Oh and that smile. And that look at Connor’s explosion. Priceless.

13:18 Wow. That is some text thread. If you were wondering what the rest said it was
“Thanks for the marathon sex. I think I *bleeped* like 30 times”
“Yeah, it was a lot.”
“It was like the orgasm Olympics.”
“Harder, faster, sorer.”

14:25 Stuff like this is why Tom deserves all of the smoke. He enjoys firing people and being a rotten person.

14:45: Nailed it Greg. That chat was rolling. Another step towards the dark side.

18:05 That was actually a pretty funny quick zing by Roman. “Not your poll numbers”

18:35 Greg is team “Kenro” but doesn’t mind “feathering the bed”

19:21 Connor is playing spoiler. Which is realistic. A one percent candidate blocking a contender in a bunch of states happens. That’s why we wince at third party guys.

20:39 “Foul news demon” and Tom’s two faces in full effect.

21:30 Just give Connor a cabinet position. Mogadishu ain’t good enough.

23:29 The “Yeah” follow up has gone into overdrive this season. Yeah..We noticed.

24:03 Mattson crashing the moment of silence. Skarsgaard so good in this role. One of the kings of HBO.

25:30 Operation “Nuke the Luke”. Nice..

26:35 “Gary” nice…

28:00 Get the Matson spin off with this team going.

28:57 “I don’t think I want to go anywhere that doesn’t have nukes”. Alan Ruck is a legend.

30:10 They should have kicked Mattson out. Kendall and Roman are getting smoked at their own party.

34:20 You know, if the guys, I’m talking Kendall, Roman, and even Logan would have given more respect to Shiv, there would be a united front right now.

37:19 Lets see how Kendall responds here. Another player saying he’s not his dad.

38:13 At least they don’t try to hide it “Ah …bleeping, Greg” but the way Oskar just squats at every party hes in is crap.

40:00 Ebba is going to bring down Mattson. This is a big red flag right there. KenRo is smart to go after her.

43:04 When you realize that Mattson might not be legit, this conversation with cousin Greg takes on a whole new light.

43:65 “Welcome to the kids table” great line. And Shiv’s eyes are going nuts here. Great stuff from Sarah.

45:00 “If they were two Indias it would make sense” ..Ouch! This is real. KenRo is right. Pull the plug. “The numbers would be real…Probably” using the 3 minutes a day I watch of business news, the decline in subs would be news.

47:31 Gerri is such a boss. J. Smith Cameron is just so awesome.

49:00 And we’re seeing Willa level up again. First Marcia, now Roman. I like this.

49:17 “Wife” with air quotes. Those are fighting words. Wow.

51:32 Great stuff here. And yeah, that sounds homophobic.

53:12 Shiv can just get out with Matson. But Tom is also making this about himself. They’re both wrong.

54:16 “With a scorpion?” …..Fair

54:56 “You should’t have married me.”….Fair… For Shiv. Why did she marry this clown?

55:28 What a mess… But Tom needs to understand what his role is. He’s not a good husband.

57:30 This score is beautiful. And no, he didn’t deserve her.

58:45 Kendall is throwing out a big play to Frank here. What a wonderful way this would be to end the series. I think he won him over too.

100:00 Yeah, f*** Tom. For sure. But Matthew MacFayden is a king though. Great work.

Wrap-up: Just a tremendous episode but this is Succession. You already knew that. I really do think that Kendall taking it all would be a sensational way to end the series. Its a move that would make Logan proud.

The teaser tells us that the election is going to be closer than we think. Give me that smoke. I want it all.

I’ll see you next episode!

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