East New York: Yeah, it needed to be cancelled after setting a dangerous example

We don’t dance on graves around here. Even when a show that sets dangerous examples gets cancelled after one season.

I’m talking about “East New York”. The CBS drama started the season as an FTR show and I followed it for a few weeks here. That ended when the show runners made it okay to treat police poorly. I’m talking about the storyline where Quinlan moved into a trouble building in her neighborhood and some kids poured beer on her shoes, threw fireworks at her, and ridiculed this young police officer who was honestly trying to do good. She would end up bowing to the trouble makers by fixing their elevator. No consequences for the way they treated her.

Sorry. That’s not good TV and to have a prime time show advocate for that kind of behavior is wrong.

There was talent here. Amanda Warren is a good actor and a very capable lead. Jimmy Smits will usually be a solid anchor no matter where they put him, and Richard Kind has been doing this so long, this was a good role for him.

But yeah, it had to go.

There is no shortage of crime dramas on CBS. East New York won’t be missed after its now series finale airs this weekend.

Let’s hope everyone lands on their feet with a better project.

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