True Lies: CBS never gave this quirky show a chance to succeed

True Lies has been cancelled. I wish I could say it was a surprise.

But the truth is that we called this a few weeks back (story HERE). That’s why I stopped covering it.

This, despite the fact that I actually enjoyed the show. Steve Howey is plenty action capable. Ginger Gonzaga has terrific energy on screen, and the graphics were just incredible. Some of the best on network TV this season if we’re being honest.

My personal journey with this show makes its cancellation even more tragic. I started out as a skeptic.

James Cameron’s “True Lies” is one of the beloved films from my teenaged years, and still one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best films, really. He had tremendous chemistry with Jamie Lee Curtis. There was no way that this reboot or reimagining was going to top that.

And they didn’t. But they created their own enjoyable space.

Howey and Gonzaga were a lot of fun when they were arguing, or trying not to be jealous of one another’s old flames or professional successes.

We had some great car chases, and shootouts. The spy games were pretty good for a CBS drama. It was doing fine.

But CBS buried it.

They eliminated the “Lingo” lead in by putting that show on an unexplained hiatus. They could have moved it up or provided another established franchise in front of it, but they left it on an island.

It almost feels like they tanked it. Who knows? And we never will.

Let’s see where the talent goes. But I’m sorry this happened to you “True Lies”. You deserved better. But you made a believer out of me.

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