Succession: Logan would have done the same thing Roman did, probably quicker

Succession is already the best show on television. And last night it delivered the best piece of political television in about the last 20 years.

Watching the siblings, Tom, and Cousin Greg, try to navigate ATN through a truly unpredictable election night broadcast felt like the Super Bowl here, even though we’ve still got two episodes left. It was first class train wreck television, where everything could and did go wrong, from bodega sushi and touch screen accidents, to an interpretation of events that determined the next President of the United States.

Many were asking “What would Logan had done if he were still alive?”. I feel certain that I know the answer to that.

The same thing his youngest boy, Roman, did. And probably much earlier in the process.

I’ll let you determine what you think of Jeryd Mencken. You don’t need a blog to tell you any of that.

But Logan liked Mencken. That was his pick.

It only made sense, that Roman, who is probably both still feeling allegiance to his dad, and guilt with that voicemail he left that likely killed him (story HERE), would charge the studio the way he did to control the narrative.

Logan would have written off the Milwaukee fire as well. Logan would have probably kicked Shiv out of the building.

Logan would have been rolling those touch screens into the middle of the street.

And he would have done what Roman would have done. Maybe that’s why his youngest boy was his favorite towards the end of his life.

But..we’ll never know. What an awesome show.

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