Barry: Bill Hader is warning us not to chase our dreams

Barry continues to be some of the greatest and most compelling television of the modern era. This week’s episode had elements of everything, including horror, with Sally’s stalker showing up at their house while Barry was away trying to kill Gene. What a sequence.

When I watch a show as solid as this one, I’m constantly asking myself “How did we get here?” and “What could these characters have done differently?”. Its the kind of reflection that we all make from time to time.

Well, I asked myself what Barry and Sally could have done differently this episode, as Sally gave her child alcohol without knowing, and Barry ended this episode captured in a garage.

The answer is not to chase your dreams.

If Barry and Sally would have not tried to become actors, if they hadn’t ridden their brief waves of success into the rocks, they wouldn’t be here.

Now, its completely possible that Barry could have kept killing until A) He was wealthy or content enough to retire and have a better version of the trapped life he’s currently living or B) He would have gotten killed on a job. But I don’t think living matters that much to Barry. He’s really just trying to protect his son at this point.

Sally is a lot easier. She could have checked down and gone smaller with her career. She could have started over somewhere that wasn’t Joplin or Los Angeles. You’ll recall that she was actually quite pleasant when she wasn’t in a toxic relationship with either Barry or her abusive boyfriend.

The yearning for fame did this. And unless there is a quick correction before this show ends, Bill Hader is telling us to be happy living our boring but safe lives.

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