Overpriced Brightline Orlando tickets appear to make budget airlines a better bargain

The ticket prices for Brightline Orlando were announced this week. Here is a breakdown on how expensive your trip may be.

$79 per ticket, one way. About $160 round trip.
$25 for a check bag.
$10-$20 for parking. It depends how long you’re gone for.

So, it looks like it’s north of $200 for a train ride.

Meanwhile, some budget airline carriers (who aren’t paying me to advertise for them, so I won’t mention them here) has tickets from $127 to $157. Now, that’s a sticker price, so if you’ve got bags, you’ll likely end up in the same ball park as the train ticket.

What exactly are we doing here?

We’ve waited years for this. Years.

And now that we’ve finally got this thing built, it doesn’t even make sense to ride it.

Yet another case of spectacle over practicality.

You can look at our local leaders for letting them run up the prices on you again.

And its another fumble for rail in Orlando. We still haven’t gotten Sunrail right.

Almost a decade later and we’re still at a spine for the Orlando commuter rail. During its years of its development we were told it was going to go to the airport, only to find out last year that we had to raise our own taxes in the middle of a housing crisis for that to happen.

There might still be some use for Brightline. The train won’t have an airline strike threaten your travel plans. Severe weather will also be less likely to slow down a train.

But right now, it’s a lousy deal for your wallet.

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