Will Trent: Five Things we need to see for season 2

Will Trent recently wrapped on a successful first season, and the alternative take on the typically bland procedural, featuring a dyslexic state agent, his tough but complicated team, and the most adorable entity on television that isn’t a Disney Star Wars puppet, did strong enough work to become the best new show on ABC.

And it has thankfully been renewed. So, what do we need to see in season 2?

A new “Big Bad”: I really like the episode featuring Selantis. The big tech giant that appears to be untouchable, made for really great visuals. They’re everything that Will is not. They were formless, mechanical, and seemed to be everywhere. Its the complete opposite of Will’s organic instincts of fighting crime.

More mixed pods: Towards the end of last season, you could have put any of the two cast members together and had a solid story. That’s what good TV does. Will and Faith are great. But so were Will and Ormewood. How about Faith and Amanda bickering for 43 minutes? All of that sounds good to me.

More throwback Evelyn and Amanda: Will Trent did an awesome job with the 80 arc featuring Amanda and Evelyn. The show always looks great, but they nailed the 80s look so well. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that. Why not Amanda visiting a young Will?

A solid Ormewood arc: The Angie storyline almost stole the show last season because of some ace acting from Erika Christensen. Let’s give the ball to Jake McLaughlin and watch him run with it for a few eps.

A Christmas episode with a generous dose of Betty: Y’all already know how I feel about this dog. I want a Christmas episode where is Will trying to help someone and he’s stuck with Betty the entire time. Lets go, Little B!

Will Trent is a great show. Watch it on streaming and join me for the next season.

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