Ted Lasso: How Rebecca is out Ted-ing everyone in our final season

They might have to call the spin off Rebecca Welton.

Hannah Waddingham has given us ace work throughout Ted Lasso’s brief run. She’s got the awards “hardware” to prove it.

But in this final season of the tear jerking dramedy, she’s been the lead character, navigating everyone through their personal difficulties, while dealing with her own self discovery.

There was that heartbreaking arc with her exploring the possibility of having a child, followed by that trip to Amsterdam with her mysterious stranger that managed to pull her to her feet. Since then, she’s been the strongest character on the show, elevating everyone around her.

Even more than Ted himself.

She pushed Roy into the media spotlight, unlocking a level of leadership he’d never experienced before.

She convinced a room full of establishment soccer ghouls that the game deserved to be enjoyed by fans. So much so that she toppled the league building plans of her ex lover’s torturer, while making her ex husband “risk it all” only to be reminded that he’d already had his shot.

She rescued KJPR by dwarfing whatever Jack had been giving Keeley to keep her business afloat. And that after she was the catalyst for her getting back with Roy.

That’s not nature healing. That’s Rebecca healing.

And for good nature, she spit tea in Ted’s face. I swear, I love this show.

Give all the credit to Waddingham and the writers for this gem of a character’s turnaround that has managed to unlock an empowering and inspiring protagonist that we can all root for.

I’m going to miss this show so much when it’s gone.

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