Florida Veterans Dental Grant program is a great start, but how do we find care?

A program that will allocate $5 million dollars for dental care for Florida Veterans is going to be signed into law and it’s a promising start to solving a longstanding problem. Dental treatment has been a blind spot in the care of Florida veterans for years and now we’re finally taking some steps to fix that.

Most veterans aren’t eligible for dental care under the VA. Not many allies know this.

But the work isn’t done. In fact, we’re only half way there.

How do we get the help? I’m not sure how to find these programs, and you know that my background is working in this field.

Analysis of the legislation says that the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs will contract with non profits to distribute the funds.

And it goes into effect on July 1st.

We need to work together with our local leaders, the FDVA, and these contractors to ensure our veterans are getting this important care.

A lot of times, a root canal can be a debilitating event financially. This legislation can keep a lot of veterans from going broke.

It is my hope that our state legislature will ensure that Florida veterans get a fair opportunity to get care and finally make significant progress on an event, that may seem relatively mundane to those who already have access, but can make a tremendous difference in the lives of struggling veterans in the Sunshine State.

And let’s work to expand this program next year.

Together, we’ll tackle this program and make lives better for our brothers and sisters.

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