Succession: Colin protecting Logan’s son is a satisfying end point for the fan favorite

One of the most surprisingly heart breaking moments of Succession’s entire run was right after Logan died, and the brief shot of his bodyguard, Colin (played by Scott Nicholson) standing on the runway, watching his departed boss get wheeled away.

A lot of us felt bad for the dude. After all, he was also Logan’s friend. Maybe the only real friend that the powerful patriarch really had. When Logan needed to escape for a real moment, it was Colin that he took to dinner.

He became a favorite because he just wanted to do his job. That’s most of us. Right?

Succession is such a good show because the showrunners know how we think. This is why we had Colin join Kendall last night.

Kendall approached Colin at the dinner following the funeral and offered him a job. We don’t know his exact intentions. Maybe he felt bad because of what he did to assistant, Jess, just a couple of hours earlier. We can’t be sure.

We do know that Colin had been seeing a psychiatrist following Logan’s death. Kendall tells us this. That tells us that Colin had still been struggling. He was grieving just like Logan’s kids had.

The most interesting part is that Colin now guards the very man he borderlined threatened during Kendall’s attempted coup earlier in the series. You might have forgotten how menacing Colin was when he walked into Kendall’s office during one of those episodes.

This should be it for Colin. Just like this episode should be all for Kerry, who also found closure.

The best show on television slowly ending the stories of characters we don’t realize we care for until they get the spotlight.

That’s why its the best show on television.

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