Succession: Karl and Frank definitely lied to Shiv about Logan

Only one episode left of what has been the best show on TV for a couple of years now. But I’ll mourn later.

There are about a dozen things that I could have blogged about regarding last night’s “Succession” funeral episode. But no doubt, you’ve probably already read about Kieran Culkin’s award worthy break down at the funeral. Logan’s exes uniting in one pew. And James Cromwell’s return as Ewan, coming to torch his dead brother one more time.

So, I’m going to hit the old guard today. We all love Gerri, but I’m going to do a Karl and Frank post. And how they lied to Logan’s only daughter to prevent any further strain to the champagne drinking mom to be,as she enters a final knife fight with her brothers for everything.


Specifically the scene outside of Logan’s mausoleum. Take a look at the dialog..

Shiv: “How bad was dad?”
Frank: “He was a salty dog. He was. But he was a good egg.
Karl: “What you saw is what you got.”
Shiv: ..Yeah?
Karl: …Yeah
(Shiv tears up and smiles slightly before walking away. Karl looks at Frank)
Karl: Right?…
Frank: …Right

Hmm..That was about 50/50 truth and heart sparing lie.

Checkout the way they look at each other when she walks away. It’s the art of this post.


They ask each other reassuringly. But they’re not even sure.

I’m not going to stretch this out. If you’re reading this post, you’re already a fan. I’ll just close with this.

Boar on the Floor.

Tell me the old guard wasn’t lying here.

See you for the finale!

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