Ted Lasso: Rebecca and Ted shouldn’t happen, and it really doesn’t need to either

Say for a second that the last episode of Ted Lasso was the series finale. And the final shot we have is Rebecca spitting tea in Ted’s face. That would have been a great last shot. Wouldn’t it?

Which is why, I can’t for the life of me, understand why social media is shipping Ted and Rebecca so hard ahead of the show’s final bow.

The show has given us zero indication that it could happen Zero. And these writers are very good at what they do.

Both Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham have given us zero inflections that they could get together. Zero. And they’re both award winning talents.

But social media insists its going to happen.

Don’t you guys think that Ted and Rebecca just bouncing together at the last second would be a little weird? It would

Roy and Keeley are the pairing of destiny on the show. They’re in a very good place. The universe was right again after they got together.

Ain’t no characters passing out in the locker room because Ted and Rebecca aren’t together.

If there is a connection that needs to be made in the final episode, it’s Nate making his way back to the AFC Richmond locker room, a bigger man and an improved human being. His journey has been incredible.

And let’s not poison the air around the finale, because a couple of people on social media have decided to toss out the entire show because they didn’t get their forced ship.

Let’s sit back for a final time and just enjoy it all, smile, and be happy that it happened.

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