Barry: Yes, Barry should die in the series finale

This isn’t an easy post to write, proposing that the title character on one of the most clever shows of the modern era (and maybe ever) should meet his doom in the series finale.

But it should be when you think about what he is.

Yeah, Barry Berkman shouldn’t be alive when credits start popping at the end of the show on Sunday night.

The reason is because Barry isn’t well. He’s never been well. He’s a killer and has been since the beginning of the story.

We lose perspective of this because he’s not an evil man. Especially now, as he tries to repent and just be a good dad.

Unfortunately, it’s too late. He’s got to “get got” (another HBO reference).

He’s ruined lives. While Sally has always been unlikable in her own regard, her biggest mistake is that she’s always been a terrible judge of character, and a miserable decision maker.

She escaped her first abusive boyfriend and her dreadful parents, just to end up with Barry. When she unloaded him, she trusted the wrong people with her career.

And with no cards left to play while fearing for her life, she went back to Barry, who turned her into a woman who puts vodka into her son’s juice because she doesn’t know how to be a mom.

That falls on Barry.

Oh and Fuchs has to go too. We know that he’s very responsible for the person Barry ended up becoming, and now that he’s become “The Raven” that he’s always wanted to be, he’s definitely got to go.

This is my prediction. And whether it comes true or not, I think that Bill Hader and his next level thinking will deliver us an ending that stays with us for a very long time.

I can’t wait.

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