Succession: Here is a prediction on who ends up with the empire

The best show on television comes to an end on Sunday. And it will be both a bitter sweet and thrilling occasion as we say goodbye to “Succession”, with a business sequence that determines who ends up with the empire of the departed Logan Roy.

Wow. It was fun just typing that.

Let’s talk about who “wins” or ends up with control of everything.

It’s going to be Kendall, with Roman and Shiv in accompanying roles. But the leader will be Kendall. It was always going to be Kendall.

I love Shiv. She’s my favorite sibling. But she’s always trusted the wrong people. And while I’ll still be rooting for this mom to be as she fights multiple wars against her siblings, her ungrateful husband, and a partner in Matson that could betray her at any moment, she doesn’t deserve to win.

It shouldn’t be Roman. Who over the course of just the last season and a half has sent pics of his junk to his dad, launched a failed coup, fired his mentor/mommy figure/crush (yeah, that’s Gerri), and then broke down at his dad’s funeral after talking trash all the way to the podium.

Matson is our villain. The siblings will reunite to take him down and then buy him out after discovering more bogus numbers.

Kendall and Roman will remain Co CEO’s. Shiv will be the CEO of Matson’s leftovers. And there you have it.

My Darkhorse will be Gerri. She’s a fan favorite and could sneak in at any moment.

Back to Kendall to close. We’ve see him step up since last season. This isn’t the guy who needed to be picked up by his younger siblings a year ago. He’s finally become who Logan wanted him to be. Unfortunately his dad never got to see that.

It’s time to finish this. I’ll see you Sunday!.

Get excited!

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