Succession: The bad guys won, all the bad guys won

HBO breaks our hearts again.

Siobhan Roy, you really betrayed my soul. Four seasons of rooting you, and boy did I get you so wrong (Sarah Snook, of course you’re a queen and I hope you win a bunch of awards).

The best show on television ended tonight with a heel ending which has become perfectly normal for HBO.

Lukas Matson and his diabolical deal went through, and Tom Wambsgans, who sat there and listened to this egotistical fake success make a sexual object out of the mother of his children, became CEO.

It was all so painful to watch.

We thought that the siblings had come together. We knew that Matson was going to betray Shiv, and we saw this almost heroic bonding at their mother’s home between the three take place.

But it all fell apart.

The boardroom scene was straight horror. They had Matson dead to rights. All Shiv had to say was one word …”Yes”.

It didn’t turn out that way.

Ultimately Logan’s failure to be a dad ripped his children apart and turned them into slaves for the rest of their lives.

We thought that Cousin Greg was going to be a hero. But this finale ensured that he will be in debt to Tom and Matson in perpetuity. Drinking things that aren’t drinks for the foreseeable future.

I won’t end this show on a sad note though.

Succession was a roaring victory. No other drama has come close.

It’s one of the best dialog driven shows of the modern era. Right up there with “Mad Men”.

Will this ending haunt me? Of course.

But that’s not just TV. It’s HBO.

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