Ted Lasso: With picture perfect ending, we don’t need a spin off

Ted Lasso ended its brief but brilliant three season run this week, with cheers and happy tears, and its very unlikely that we’ll see anything quite like it anytime in the near future.

We shouldn’t anyways. Why would we want to tamper with perfection?

The destruction of Rupert Mannion, storming off the pitch like a soccer flavored Darth Vader.

There was Beard (or Willis) leaving behind his best friend for a picture perfect wedding.

There was Rebecca reuniting with the man from Amsterdam that renewed her belief that life is good, leading to her ultra heroic run during the final stretch of the season.

There was the redemption of Nate Shelley, although that “my play” reaction demonstrated he might not be all the way back.

Finally, there was the promotion of Roy Kent as Ted’s successor.

And lets be real, that last shot of Roy, Beard, and Nate in front of the “Believe” sign, almost writes the spin off itself.

But let’s not go there. Let’s not do this.

There was a reason that Ted Lasso only ran three seasons. I’m not a mind reader, so I won’t speculate too much.

But my one guess is that the showrunners knew what they had here. They knew it was special and how happy this show made people.

Even with material this great, there is such a thing as diminished returns.

There have been plenty of shows that have overstayed their welcome.

And there have been many, many more spin offs and reboots that were never welcomed to begin with, and hurt the legacy material.

Please don’t do that with Ted Lasso.

Leave us with the memories of one of the best feel good shows we’ll probably ever see.

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