WWE: Here is how to finally fix Lacey Evans once and for all

Lacey Evans is a good wrestler. (Kurt Angle voice) It’s true, it’s true.

But it appears that WWE just can’t book her right. Our latest and most painful reminder occurred this weekend on Smackdown. They went with a drill sergeant gimmick and the crowd, and especially the trolls on social media weren’t buying it.

This has been going on for almost a year now. Unless this stuff is her idea, then this lack of getting over really isn’t her fault.

She’s essentially become the Nickleback of the WWE. And people tend to hate on Nickleback just because they can and they don’t really have a particular reason.

So how do we fix it? I believe I know.

Lose the drill instructor hat, and keep the rest of this outfit (besides the hat, she actually looked pretty good). She’s a fellow veteran, and I would have loved for this to have worked, but it didn’t.

Book her as an emotionless heel. And wait. No more changes. No more unnecessary hyp. None.

And give her a chance to wrestle herself out of this funk.

It will eventually work. Talent finds a way in professional wrestling. Not always immediately, and not always in the way we imagined it, but it worked.

There are some who want the “pin up” Lacey Evans back. I can see it. There was some decent success there. But they can’t change her gimmick again. They have to try and make it work with this.

Enough of this trying too hard with the look. She’s an athlete. She’s a quality wrestler. She’s shown us this before.

So, let her just wrestle quality matches and it will work out.

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