STEM jobs, not tourism, will ensure long term prosperity for young Orlando families

You’ve probably heard it all before. “STEM! STEM! We need more STEM jobs and training!”

Well, for once the hype is justified. Especially in Orlando. I know from the people in my life and observing the community around us.

You need to make $83,000 a year to pay rent in Orlando (story HERE). That’s just sad, and another indictment of our elected officials on all levels, some who have been in office so long that their tenure is old enough to vote. They empowered the Orlando real estate industry to price out residents like myself.

But let’s get back on topic.

I know friends in STEM, they’re IT pros, coders, and engineers. They worked hard in school and caught the wave just in time. I’m happy for them.

Then I have other friends and some relatives that work for the theme parks and airport. They’re struggling. Many of them are stacked in overpriced and poorly maintained apartments that are ran by property management companies that are trying to maximize their profits.

The truth is that a STEM career could manage to nullify both of the greediest industries in Orlando.

Not to mention the fact, that you get to be brilliant.

The path isn’t easy. I tried it and fell down. I wish that my military transition could have better prepared me for how tough college on outside would have been, but everything happens for a reason.

When people ask me what my solutions are for the housing crisis, they may seem unrealistic given how protected Orlando Real Estate is.

But STEM can protect them from greed while starving the industries that put us here to begin with.

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