American Auto: Cancellation after stellar second season is a huge mistake by NBC

NBC just cancelled its best comedy.

No, it’s not Night Court, which is worthy of the legacy, but still needs a lot of work done before the sentimentality wears off.

It’s not Lopez vs. Lopez, which went on a strong run after its Christmas episode but is “up and down”. But given it was placed on NBC’s Friday night TV desert, it deserves more time. I’ll be watching next season.

The best comedy this season on the Peacock-centric network was “American Auto”. The Ana Gasteyer led comedy rolled off the assembly line slow last season before finding a rhythm just a few episodes in.

But once they got rolling, they never slowed down.

And in it’s second season, it seldom missed with the rest of the cast making us laugh with Harriet Dyer, Michael Benjamin Washington, and everyone else making it an ensemble effort and indeed making it NBC’s best comedy.

The science fair, the tech venture, the work afterparty, all of it worked. The entire cast should be proud of themselves.

And really, NBC should be wondering how they’re really lining up their programming because I struggle to see their commitment outside of their “One Chicago” and “Law and Order” franchises. This is the network that once had the best comedy line up on television. They gave us “Seinfeld” “Friends” “Cheers” and “Frasier”.

What’s going on?

The material is good. American Auto was good. Many thought it was so good that they should have been streaming, which could have allowed the ace comedy writing team more freedom to showcase this wonderful cast.

Now, we’ll never know.

Thank you to everyone on American Auto. All of you were great. You deserved much better.

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