The Idol: Tedros is the real “Idol” of worship on the show

Idol: an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.

This week on The Idol, we watched Tedros claw his way completely into Jocelyn’s life, pushing aside her original team, while getting inside of her head as well.

And right now, he’s really in a no lose scenario. With everyone worshiping him, the program might be named after him and not our troubled pop singer.

The reason that Tedros has won over Jocelyn so easily is because he manages to both fill the void of her lazy management team, while also taking the place of her abusive mother.

He’s a fraud. We know this from Chaim’s background check on him, and the fact that he’s a terrible liar.

He’s also a menace, who has his entire cult afraid of him. By the end of the episode, he’s completely in control of Jocelyn and has her thanking him for being abusive.

And let’s not forget the fact that he’s also in charge of Dyanne, who is stealing Jocelyn’s career right behind her back. He has all of the power right now, and we’re only three weeks into the show. His “family” is singing songs completely lost in his energy.

Suzanna Son, who plays Chloe on the program even calls Tedros a god on the post show recap. “We’ll follow him until the end” she says. Showrunners also used cult a few times in the description.

So what action should Chaim and Destiny take? What should the only people who might care about Jocelyn do?

Trailers for next week illustrate they might have to kill this “Idol”. And I’m talking about Tedros.

See you then.

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