ESPN: Get Up urges Damian Lillard to move on from the Portland Trail Blazers

This morning on ESPN’s “Get Up”, the team discussed an issue that we talk about every year, that is the future of Damian Lillard, one of the best players in the NBA, and the Portland Trailblazers, a franchise mired in perpetual mediocrity.

Insider and Analyst Brian Windhorst began the talk by mentioning that the Blazers might not trade their third pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, despite the wishes of Lillard to bring on more veterans to advance the team.

“Enough of this.” Alan Hahn began “At some point Damian Lillard has got to understand. He keeps waiting for the organization to be the one that has to be the bad guy and say ‘its time for us to move on from Dame Lillard’, then he can say ‘I never wanted to leave. They forced me out.”

Hahn concluded, “They’re that couple we all know. They’re headed for divorce. They just don’t know it yet. And you’re like ‘can you all just break up already?’

You can watch the complete segment below..

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