Orlando Magic: No more excuses, this team must make the playoffs next year

Listen, it’s okay to be optimistic after the night the Orlando Magic had tonight in the NBA draft. They’ve added two young weapons to an impressive arsenal of young talent, including the electric, Paolo Banchero.

Anthony Black. Jett Howard. Welcome to Orlando. Its one of the best communities you could ever want. I wish I could still afford to live there (more on that HERE). This is your night. Enjoy it.

This post is for the front office. The Orlando Magic leadership that have embraced mediocrity and have gotten very wealthy from it.

We’ve been patient. We watched you blow up the team a couple of years back. We’ve been an NBA afterthought ever since.

Over the past few years, we’ve been one of the worst teams in the league.

And while we’ve been one of the league’s worst teams, the Amway Center has been demanding more money (story HERE). They don’t deserve it, in part because of how this team has been managed.

But they can start redeeming themselves by making the playoffs next year.

I’ve said it a thousand times. A good Orlando Magic team is good for downtown Orlando. It’s good for every sports bar in Central Florida. It’s good for Orlando centric television. It’s good for community youth.

But you haven’t been performing and its because you’ve been citing a rebuild.

That’s enough of that.

We don’t expect you to march into the NBA Finals next year and take out Nikola Jokic, or Lebron, or whatver they’re building in Phoenix.

But we expect you to win. If not, some people need to lose their jobs.

No more excuses.

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