The Bachelorette: Later start time isn’t vibing with some fans but there is a bright side

If you tuned in at 8PM eastern expecting to see the newest season of The Bachelorette starring Charity Lawson, you might have been a little thrown off.

That’s because instead of roses and Jesse Palmer, you would have seen some Jonas Brothers.

ABC decided to air the premiere of The Bachelorette at a later time than previous seasons of the franchise and its “Bachelor” counter part and instead decided to air Claim to Fame. A lesser know show in its line up.

A lot of fans didn’t appreciate the move…

And then there is this FTR mini poll that at one point was at a 97% sentiment rate in the negative over the new start time.

But there is a bright side.

Claim to Fame managed to hold up The Bachelorette’s Twitter dominance, at one point reaching number 2 in the United States. The Bachelor franchise has one of the biggest social media followings in TV. ABC will no doubt point to this plus.

A possibility for the change is the failure by some ABC shows to hold the valuable lead-in. The network could be trying to attract a new audience by working the other side. We’ll see if it works.

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