ESPN: First Take weighs Sixers moving on from Joel Embiid and James Harden duo

ESPN First Take has been tuned in on the potential NBA superstar shake up that could happen in the near future, and this morning spent a lot of time discussing the Philadelphia 76ers and their star duo of Joel Embiid and James Harden.

Tim Legler explained why the 76ers might be interested in breaking them up.

“I don’t think you win a championship with James Harden. It’s that simple.” Legler replied when asked and continued “When James Harden hits the ‘floor’ its a six point night with six turnovers and disappears in the fourth quarter of games where he doesn’t want any part of that moment. You can’t overcome it.”

Freddie Coleman presented the case for keeping Harden and Embiid together..

“They don’t have a choice.” he began “When you tell everybody that this is who we wanted for Joel Embiid, then you have to see it through. And if Embiid has ‘moose face’ you knew what you signed up for when you traded for James Harden.”

You can watch the segment below…

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