The Bachelorette: Viewers can’t figure out Spencer, and neither can I

If you watched the premiere of the Charity Lawson season of The Bachelorette this week, then there is no doubt that you remember Spencer. A wild card of a contestant that is an anomaly of a personality that I can’t remember this franchise ever bringing on before.

At one point he’s like a 12 year old child, other times like a party bro who’s hopped up on medication. His facial expressions are all over the map and I can’t tell if he’s going to hug someone or pull out a knife and begin murdering everyone on the set.

He’s like Kevin from the movie “Split” with 23 personalities trying to fight their way out into the open to date this woman.

We know he sells medical supplies. We know he’s a dad.

And we know this cat isn’t going anywhere. He received the last rose from Charity last night, which had fans talking…

We’ll just have to see where the journey takes Spencer next.

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