ESPN: Get Up on Kyrie Irving “I don’t see where he’s going besides Dallas”

The panel on ESPN Get Up this morning discussed the future of several NBA stars as Free Agency kicks off this weekend.

One of the stars discussed was Kyrie Irving, who’s turbulent past few seasons has watched him get traded from Boston to Brooklyn, to his current home in Dallas, where the Get Up crew believes is his only play at this point..

“There is not much of a market.” began NBA insider Brian Windhorst “The teams that have cap space, Orlando, Indiana, Houston, these are not realistic spaces for Kyrie Irving. He can take meetings with teams that don’t have space and there can be negotiations on a sign and trade but that would imply that Dallas wants to say goodbye. They don’t.”

Earlier in the discussion, the crew discussed James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers, who Windhorst believes is in a similar situation to Irving.

“I don’t see where he’s going besides Dallas. Just like Harden. They need Harden. Harden needs them. Kyrie needs Dallas. Dallas needs Kyrie. Its just a matter of the terms of the deal.” closed Windhorst

You can watch the segment below…

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