The Idol: Finale is a muddled mess that sends mixed messages

The Idol, HBO’s worst Sunday prime time showcase show in recent memory is over. Thank goodness.

Here is the thing though. There was a chance for the finale to be intriguing and lift the entire season up. But that window was promptly closed right when it started to look promising.

We began with the power struggle in the house (which we predicted HERE) with Jocelyn taking back influence from Tedros and relegating him to a spectator while she built the rest of his stable up in front of her management group to be worthy enough to be her tour openers.

There was some solid HBO Sunday worthy drama taking place in the living room during this bizarre sequence, with Nikki and Tedros trying to form some kind of alliance against Destiny and Chaim’s more noble Joeclyn centric pact, but it was all blown out the window when Chaim took him out of the room and tried to buy him off.

Then we had Tedros return for the concert and the cleverness was gone. Jocelyn claimed ownership over Tedros but what for? He wanted a ride and she gave it to him. He’s still in on the money and that’s exactly what this pimp wanted.

Truly, The Idol was horribly uneven. Even the finale feels like it was parsed together to bring some closure to a story that felt like it really never had a direction to begin with.

The angle with Jennie Ruby Jane felt like it was a reshoot. Much of the entire last episode took place in one room. This felt like a production in duress.

HBO viewers and MAX subscribers will ultimately determine the legacy of “The Idol” but boy was this a real letdown.

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