The Bachelorette: Fans were disappointed after Spencer went home

One of the most interesting potential fiances for Charity Lawson in the premiere of her current season of The Bachelorette was Spencer.

This was because we didn’t know what he was about. But we did discover that he communicated differently than many of the other guys. Some thought it was creepy. Others thought it may have been a medical condition. What we did know was that he was making an impression with the Bachelornation audience.

He was quickly becoming a fan favorite.

But now he’s gone.

That’s right. Charity eliminated Spencer along with a few others this week and we’ll never truly know how things would have turned out.

And fans took notice on social media…

There was something authentic about the way he communicated. I think this is why fans ultimately started pulling for him.

It’s just too bad we’ll never know how far he would have gotten….

Unless you send him to paradise…

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