Orlando apartment air conditioning fail demonstrates how spoiled local Property Management has become

Go outside this morning if you haven’t already. There are some areas of Orlando that will experience a heat index of between 107-115 degrees. We are living a record breaking and life threatening heat wave.

And there are some of our neighbors living in apartments without air conditioning. And those rent paying residents of Orlando haven’t had AC in weeks according to this STORY.

Management for that company won’t be held accountable. They hid from the media. They’re unlikely to face any serious legal challenges. Why should they?

This is because Orlando real estate and property management has been cutting checks for years now to every political campaign they can.

In exchange they get to do whatever they want to you.

With this particular story the apartment complex is actually responsible for the AC.

But many of these residents are already trying to catch up to the unfair rent hikes that they’ve been dealing with for a couple of years now. They’re also not attorneys.

They can’t and they shouldn’t have to take these lazy property managers to court just to get their AC fixed. This stands in the way of basic decency.

But it’s happening. Orlando property management knows they can do whatever they want to do to you at any time.

What do you do? Hold all of your elected officials responsible. From the municipal and county levels, all the way up to congress. Get them on the phone.

If they’re being bought by Orlando real estate and property management at the expense of your quality of life, then something has to change.

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