The Bear: Here is the Alex Gonzalez Chicago Cubs play Uncle Jimmy was talking about

The Bear is proud of it’s Chicago based story and the show takes a painful look back at the epic collapse of the Chicago Cubs against the Miami Marlins in 2003 during its penultimate season 2 episode.

But not Steve Bartman, the fan who caught a foul ball setting off a controversy that would last all the way until the Cubs won it all in 2016.

Uncle Jimmy has a sit down with Carmy and talks about the Alex Gonzalez play. And warns Carmy about unforced error and the importance of not taking his eyes off of their restaurant for even a minute..

You can watch the actual play from the game below..

And of course, season 2 of The Bear is FTR recommended. It’s a great campaign that is better than the first season. Watch it during these TV starved summer months.

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