Deadpool 3: Bringing back Jennifer Garner’s Elektra is righting an ancient Marvel movies wrong

There is an excellent chance that you didn’t expect to see Jennifer Garner’s Elektra back in a modern movie. Don’t feel bad. Neither did I.

That is correct, even if you are a Marvel die hard like myself and you’re working your way through this content fatigue while trying not to lose hope in the next phase, you still didn’t see Jennifer Garner coming back.

But it’s the right move.

The first Elektra Natchios we met back with Ben Affleck in the 2003 Daredevil film was the first true Marvel heroine we saw on the big screen outside of the X-Men, many years before Scarlett Johnannson and Natasha Romanoff, and a couple of year’s before Jessica Alba’s Sue Storm, Garner was it.

Say what you will about the old Daredevil movie. It wasn’t a tragedy but it’s also a far cry from the great version we have now with Charlie Cox.

But Garner was set for some big things before they messed up Elektra’s solo film which came out a short time later. You might remember it. Hopefully, you don’t.

It was awful.

The problem wasn’t with Garner, who looked the part and was already on “Alias” beating up people on TV every week.

But the film messed up everything else. We followed Elektra while she was recovering at the hands of Bullseye from that first movie, but she was the only actor of note in the entire film. It was bad and there were some critics that wondered if it was even edited together correctly.

I chose to forget it. Garner would be fine with her TV show and a couple of other good films that weren’t Elektra. She of course, would marry Ben Affleck and have a family.

What will her part in Deadpool 3 look like, opposite of Ryan Reynold and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. I don’t know. I hope it can either be a new beginning for a character that was badly fumbled or just a short part to me right what we’ve known the entire time.

They really missed up Jennifer Garner’s super hero. And it could have been great.

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