Movie Review: Downton Abbey: A New Era is a worthy addition to the Fellowes lore

You’re either a Julian Fellowes person or you’re not. I have no idea how I ended up becoming one, but it has been an enjoyable journey into period based stories, that are almost a century old now when you think about it.

Downton Abbey is still what fans will cling to. This show thrived on PBS and now has two movies to its credit including Downton Abbey: A New Era which gives us plenty more of what we’ve always signed up for. A gorgeous viewing experience with a thoughtful story in the spirit of the lore. “Era” recently arrived on the streamers.

In “A New Era” the movies have finally made their way to Downton with a big paycheck handy, just in time to fix a leaky roof. There is also a side quest to France to a villa that was recently inherited by the family. All of the members of the family are back, along with their loyal servants and the film hasn’t forgotten about where the last movie left us (my review on that on HERE). We do get some progression on that front as well.

Director Simon Curtis makes sure that everything is where we know it will be. All of the cast members get their moments. The back and forth from Downton to France is solid and keeps the film from getting stale and the new blood in the movie is pretty good too. Of course the entire film is essentially a painting.

As for the negatives, if you’ve never seen Downton Abbey, go watch an episode first. This is a niche of storytelling and it won’t be for everyone (this film is PG). You’ll be asleep before the first dinner if you’re not prepared.

But it might be for you. And if it is then there is a uniqueness you’ll unlock and you’ll want more after this film is done. .

Downton Abbey: A New Era


Rating: PG

Running Time: 2 hours 5 minutes

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