Movie Review: Evil Dead Rise is a blood drenched, gruesome, horror win for the franchise

Don’t eat before watching an Evil Dead film (except for Army of Darkness). Because with an Evil Dead movie, you’re going to get lots and lots of blood and gore.

The franchise, which is about four decades old now, has come a long way since Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell got it all started in that freezing cabin with all of that corn syrup. Evil Dead has now become a franchise that has to present its audience with a high tension story that can still make us laugh and have a good time.

Evil Dead Rise, for the most part, accomplishes that. And its now available at home on streamers.

The Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead, and all of the evil it contains, has finally made it to Los Angeles (insert your joke here). And it has unfortunately ended up in the apartment of a single mom, her three kids, and visiting sister, who has her own challenges.

The movie is pretty creepy.

This is a different kind of Evil Dead scare. Yeah, you’ll get the evilness flying around everywhere, and there are some really nasty visuals that will test the strength of your stomach. Lee Cronin directs a solid movie. I was never bored here.

But the Evil Dead humor is MIA here. This is a very serious film and when it’s not creeping you out, it’s making you sad. “Deadites” usually have a playful arc in their villainy but the stakes are too high here and we feel miserable for these characters.

For a horror review, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you want an Evil Dead movie that is going to beat you up and make you scared, then this is the one.

Evil Dead Rise


Running Time: 1 hour 36 minutes

Rated: R

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