The Bachelorette: Brayden and his accessories prepare for well timed villain turn

On this Charity Lawson season of The Bachelorette it’s not hard to miss Brayden, the 24 year old, traveling nurse.

He’s the one with the accessories. The scarves, velvet shirts, the earrings, you know who I’m talking about. He understands that prosperity on this franchise means sticking out, and he’s doing his best to do so as we speak.

And after a teased villain turn over the last two weeks, we should get him really grinding some gears tonight.

It should be pretty good. In addition to the product placement of whatever he’s wearing to distract you from the conversation that’s taking place, he’s actually saying some pretty rude things.

Brayden is a blamer. He’s blamed some of the other guys in the house for not doing their part to help him win the competition.

You read that right. If he doesn’t end up with Charity it’s because some other dude didn’t do their job.

The best part was when the guys got back from the longest kiss competition early and listening to Brayden take them to task that the girl he’s supposed to be marrying it out kissing another guy for long periods of time.

Dude wasn’t even on the date. lol.

And then he threatened to leave.

“Everybody to a certain degree needs to be selfish.” those are his words.

Then after getting a rose during the ceremony, he celebrates the way he’s dressed. Audiences love to hate that kind of behavior.

Let’s see if Brayden can join the parade of other notable franchise villains, that might not make him the next Bachelor but would make him an early favorite to be in paradise.

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