Twisted Metal: Neve Campbell feels like a hybrid character of Raven and Calypso


The latest trailer for Twisted Metal dropped today and there isn’t looking like a lot of space for middle ground here. It could be great. It could be a disaster. As someone who is an OG Twisted Metal player, I’m hoping for the former.

And in knowing the likely age of OG fans, producers have casted Neve Campbell, who we still all love. She’s playing Raven. Pentagram necklace and all.

But is she also Calypso? The person responsible for the entire Twisted Metal contest and story.

“I can make your every wish come true.” she says while talking to Anthony Mackie’s John Doe “So, John. What do you wish for?”

And John Doe says “Toilet paper. Two ply”

Now, if you’re familiar with the game, you had better believe that if Doe manages to fulfill this mission, then Raven/Calypso will get him exactly that. Or some twisted version of that.

For the uninitiated, Calypso kinda works like the Devil. You’re either going to die or get some kind of “Needful Things” trade off.

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Having Neve Campbell as the big bad in this show would make things a little spicier.

We’ll just have to see where the show takes us.

The trailer also gives us Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone, the driver of The Outlaw, or police car. He’s certainly not making us believe that he is a good law enforcement officer. That team he’s seen with looks more like a cult than anything.

Then we also get a brief look at Warthog chasing around John Doe in the mall (where they have a Footlocker) along with Sweet Tooth voiced by Will Arnett, who we saw in the first clip released.

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UPDATE: Want to see how it played out? Click HERE

Check out the trailer below.

And if you would like to help me get some two ply toilet paper, you can grant my wish below. Thank you!

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