Secret Invasion: Fury is old and not good at his job anymore, here should be his replacement

This shouldn’t be a controversial take. The premise of the show is basically revolving around it. Some of the characters have even said it out loud.

Nick Fury can’t hang anymore.

We confirmed this during that excellent action scene in this week’s episode, where the President’s motorcade is attacked and we see Fury lumbering around the shootout. Does he eventually get the job done?
I guess.

But for the second time in this limited series alone, a longtime ally and friend is dead because he has been unable to protect them.

At this point, he’s Shaquille O’Neal in a Boston Celtics jersey. He has no business still playing this game. It’s elder abuse.

He’ll need a replacement. I would have said it should have been Maria Hill, but she’s dead too. Because of Fury.

Let’s say this. How about G’iah?

Emilia Clarke has been underused so far. I think that is about to change with her dad dying and her exposure to the Extremis experiment. She will hopefully be a big part of taking down Gravik.

And after Secret Invasion is over, I think you need to keep her around. You don’t just throw her away. There is a space to be filled.

Both the skrulls and SHIELD are Marvel staples. There is always going to be a role for them to play in the story. One thing that comes to mind is that we’ve got a Fantastic Four franchise coming our way. The Marvels team also won’t be going anywhere after their movie comes out.

I hope that Nick Fury will get to ride off into the sunset and retire peacefully. And when he’s gone, let G’iah take over.

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