Secret Invasion: Why we really didn’t need that Rhodes reveal this soon

Well, well. Secret Invasion woke up this week.

Easily the best episode of this limited series so far, we finally had some actual things happen. And that makes sense, considering we haven’t had anything really impactful occur since the first episode.

Let’s talk about Rhodes being skrull.

If you’re familiar with the comic book storyline, a few major heroes were revealed to have been skrulls for long periods of time. We knew that this series would have been a waste of time without at least one Avenger being swapped out.

They went with War Machine. That was the right call. Especially with Iron Man suits are becoming a thing again after Wakanda Forever and Armor Wars coming out (eventually).

But they didn’t have to show us he was a skrull with that shower scene. I thought the mystery behind his behavior would have been more entertaining.

Most of us knew after the church scene. But we weren’t 100% sure.

They could have pushed it to the scene in his apartment, making light of the death of Maria Hill. We still wouldn’t have been 100% sure.

And they could have pushed it further by not having him call his War Machine suit as the President of the United States was being attacked (Great action scene by the way).

Let’s be clear. This is nitpicking. Secret Invasion finally got better this week.

And I’m pretty bummed out about Talos. Whenever a show loses Ben Mendelsohn, its always going to be a step back.

Let’s see where they take this Extremis angle. It appears that the Super Skrull (or Super Skrulls) are in effect.

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