The Bachelorette: This Aaron B. and Brayden beef is destroying the field

This Charity Lawson season of The Bachelorette is giving us one of our better feuds of recent campaigns with the grounded Aaron B. feuding with the accessory king, Brayden, over who deserves to marry our bachelorette.

It’s a scorched earth, energy draining fight, that is taking it’s toll on everyone, including Charity and the other guys in the competition.

Except Aaron B and Brayden are both still there and can’t get enough.

Look at the last rose ceremony. There were some good dudes that got eliminated, and they got sent home because they couldn’t secure any time with Charity.

If this were WWE, I would think Aaron and Braydeny were working together (shout out to Orlando hometown favorite Caleb B. who actually is a HERE).


Now, I posed this question to the Bachelornation. Who’s responsibility is it to “get their time” in with the Bachelor or Bachelorette? (forgive the small sample, Monday night Twitter is competitive, especially with a Home Run Derby and WWE Raw).


Okay. Fair enough. You’ve got to go after what you want.

But how can you do that when Charity is either…

A) On a date with Brayden?

B) Hearing from Aaron B. on how bad of a person Brayden is?

C) Herself, warning Brayden about his behavior?

D) Or has one of her few one on ones with a man who suddenly started acting like a seven year old (story HERE)

It’s only a two hour show.

Now it’s likely this feud will get them both eliminated. We have seen that before. But we’ll be close to hometowns by the time that happens. This is because it’s fun TV.

Fun for all of the wrong reasons…

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