My Open Letter to the Orange County Commission urging them to throw out the recommendations of the Tourism Development Tax Task Force

Below is my letter to Orange County Commission asking them to throw out the recommendations of the recently adjourned Orange County Tourism Development Tax Task Force.


Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings
Commissioner Nicole Wilson
Commissioner Christine Moore
Commissioner Mayra Uribe
Commissioner Maribel Gomez Cordero
Commissioner Emily Bonilla
Commissioner Mike Scott

Dear Mayor Demings and Commissoners:

Recently, the Orange County Tourism Development Tax Task Force adjourned after an embattled discussion over how the revenue should be used. There is no doubt that you read the news report chronicling the accusations that the body was “stacked”, and had no intentions of seriously entertaining any projects that didn’t benefit their own employers. (stories HERE)

I’m also sure you watched some or all of these hearings, and have your own opinions over how the recommendations coming your way were handled during that process.

But I will say this with a high level of certainty.

You know your constituents better than anyone on that task force.

You should host your own discussions with the residents of Orange County and have your districts make their own recommendations. This removes the input of this board, where many of its members couldn’t care less about the families in your districts, and came to serve only to serve themselves.

And I would also ask you to consider supporting diversification of the Tourism Development Tax. I don’t have to tell you how much help making these funds available for other needs such as affordable housing and infrastructure would help you improve our communities.

Mayor Demings, I understand you may have had good intentions with this task force, but it didn’t work. Let’s go directly to the people.

When the day is done, all of you have the power to do some great good here. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Frank Torres

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