Hijack: Why I don’t trust or believe in Daniel O’Farrell anymore

We learned during episode 5 of Hijack that the bad guys responsible for this entire mess are a European network of smugglers (drugs, human trafficking, etc, etc). This group was so dangerous that the terrorists hijacking our Kingdom flight were mostly doing so because they feared for the safety of their families on the ground.

One pivotal scene took place when O’Farrell went to visit the mother of two of the terrorists, Stuart and Lewis Atterton, at her home. Mamma Atterton wasn’t going to cooperate and explained that it was this network that had her husband killed after years of loyal service.

This is where the craziness starts.

Mamma Atterton excuses herself to get a tissue.

O’Farrell lets her.

O’Farrell’s partner walks back into the house after being instructed to take the mother into custody, the reasoning from leadership being “If they’re taking hostages, so are we.”

O’Farrell explains that she left the room to get tissues.

O’Farrell’s partner points to a box of tissues sitting right behind him.

Now, this lawman, who has proven himself pretty smart up to this point walked into the home of this gangster matriarch and didn’t notice the excuse she gave him for leaving the room sitting right behind him?


It’s not over. This woman, who is at best, in her late 50s, and at worst well into her 70s outruns O’Farrell through the woods and out into the interstate where she walks in front of speeding traffic, ending her time among the living on this planet.

Now, I was expecting Mamma Atterton to go into the next room, fetch a gun, and either try to blast her way out of the house, or take her life then and there.

I’m convinced that O’Farrell is either incompetent or a potential accomplice to the terrorists.

We haven’t seen a betrayal yet. I’ve complimented this show as a modern “24” with an “Air Force One” influence. There was plenty of betrayal with the former, and an important turn in the latter. It feels like we’ve still got some mystery pieces here with Hijack.

Either way, our best hope on the ground just got outran by an old woman. Let’s hope Sam and the gang on the plane can do better.

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