The Bachelorette: How Aaron B beat Brayden and got him sent home

There was a lot going on in this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, but the biggest event was the accessory king and mansion villain, Brayden, getting sent home. Twice.

Give the devil his due. Brayden wasn’t a GOAT Bachelorette villain, but he has been the most entertaining part of the season and that is unlikely to change as we transition into the sweetheart phase of the campaign.


But he lost his feud to Aaron B. Fair and square.

To explain how he did it, first lets review the three ways to play the Bachelor/Bachelorette game.

You can compete to get married. The right reason to be there.

You can hustle to be the next Bachelor/Bachelorette. This takes a combination of likability and screen presence.

You can play to get famous and try to roll that fame into something more. Maybe a Bachelor in Paradise appearance and some marketing opportunities.

Aaron B. ended the beef by playing the game the right way and exploiting how Brayden was there to get famous.

The way he did it was narc’ing on Brayden. Now that sounds bad, but Brayden kept repeating the same mistakes about complaining about Charity behind her back and failed to correct his course. And yeah, that makes it okay to be a tattler. Nobody likes a two-face. Especially when you’re trying to get married.

But both men can say they put on a hell of a show.

After first being dismissed by Charity, Brayden came back and was confronted by all of the guys, then he went out fighting and had to be berated into getting in the van. When the door slammed, it felt like the guys had collectively just exiled a very dapper warlock to the Phantomzone.


I enjoyed it. And you probably did too if you’re here.

And you want to know the best part? We’ve still got “The Men Tell All” episode, where we’ll get a reunion. Wouldn’t it be something if Aaron B. got one more conversation with his nemesis?

We’re gonna see.

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