The Bachelorette: This is probably why ABC is bringing it back to its original start time

News came down this week that The Bachelorette would be returning to its original start of of 8pm est. The Charity Lawson season of the show had been beginning at 9pm est after “Claim to Fame”.

I’m no ABC executive but I can tell you that Bachelornation was not very keen of about the show starting later on Monday night (story HERE).

And Bachelornation is one of the most influential groups on television social media. They have been for years. When the show is on, they’re usually number one or number 2. The earlier start time puts them back on level ground with one of the other most influential groups, wrestling fans. My TV junkies out there understand that WWE RAW starts at 8pm and can be tough to knock off the #1 trending spot on Twitter when they’re already at full speed by the time Jessie Palmer shows up. Especially here in Orlando.

Bachelornation also spends money. All of those movie and product promotions that run parallel to the show resonate with the audience. They will go out and buy something they see on the Bachelor. They’ll be in line to watch Barbie when it opens this weekend. The Bachelor franchise is also part of the Disney machine and you understand how the big bucks run there.

You can’t blame ABC for trying though. While I frequently goof on the schedule makers, we’ve been looking for a show to capitalize on this Bachelorette lead in for years now. What was the last one to do it? Big Sky? That’s gone. We’ve also had Celebrity Match Game and Promised Land. Both were bad. They have to keep looking.

In a perfect world “The Company You Keep” would have been a great chaser for The Bachelorette. I guess we’ll never know.

But the good news is that the balance on Monday night has been restored. We’ll all be able to enjoy the show and get to bed at a responsible time after that last rose has been given out.

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