Full Circle: There is a path for Xavier to be the new Number 2 gangster

In the chaotic environment of Full Circle, there is something different about Xavier. Something that separates him from his fellow countryman like Louis, and everybody else who is tied to this botched kidnapping.

He seems to be cool with it all.

It reminds me of Michael from “The Wire” who ended up being Omar when it was all over, and HBO OGs know how big of a promotion that was.

In layman’s terms, Xavier doesn’t seem to be that rattled by everything that is going on around him, in fact, he’s built for it.

So much so that I think there is a path for him to be the Mahabir’s new number 2.

I’ll explain.

Last time we saw Xavier, he was in a tough spot. He was wearing an ankle bracelet after being brought in by Mel Harmony, and Mahabir’s gangsters tracked him to his hotel room.

Obviously, he talks his way out of it. We see him in the trailer for the final two episodes.

He already has equity with leadership from the bonus he got from the way he handled the Jared Browne chaos. Even Aked cracked under the pressure. Louis defected. The other guy got killed. Xavier steadied the ship.

But even Mahabir’s current number 2, Garmen doesn’t even really want the job anymore and is being urged by his family to return to Guyana. He praised Xavier for his poise. These are hints that while the world is falling down around Xavier, he’s still ready to work.

And when you look at the story from 30,000 feet, the focus now seems to be on the Browne’s and their dirty laundry. They don’t really care about Nicky being kidnapped anymore considering that his own mom is at work smiling like everything is perfectly fine.

Xavier will be fun to watch down the stretch. He is built for this.

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