Praise Petey: Attempting to explain the jokes in “Taxi to the South” and “Unemployment Crisis”

Praise Petey premiered this week and I was able to catch it on the streamers. The Annie Murphy Schitt’s Creek like cartoon with a space cult twist, features a young and trendy New Yorker who discovers that her estranged and now deceased dad, founded and left her, New Eutopia, a rural small town that has become accustomed to the cult life, and is now depending on Petey to keep that way of life going.

There are a lot of jokes coming at you in a hurry.

First, I’m not going to touch “Shake on it” after Petey meets Bandit and replies “OK just not in my hair”, and the cult shower in which she responds “Not the strangest shower I’ve had”. There are other corners of the internet you can discover for that.

And also the boyfriend, Brian. I guess he is supposed to be wooden? That one went over my head but at least I wasn’t…….bored.

Alan Tudyk is the current star of Resident Alien on USA, and was also on the shortlived but still classic, “Firefly” with Nathan Fillion. Solid actor.

However, Alan Tudyk is not the male Judy Greer. No one is Judy Greer and no one will ever be (yeah, I’m a Judy Greer fan).

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The reality TV show involving people on a date “Oversharing their traumas” is a clever shot at The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, which in recent seasons has had plenty of dates that feature just that. This blog also covers those franchises on Monday if it’s your thing.

At the end of Taxi to the south, Petey was dressed almost exactly like Florence Pugh at the end of Midsommer, where she was also accepted by a cult.

Finally, Erin Brockcovich is a celebrated environmentalist. Most will remember her story as told by the movie that shares her name and the role which won Julia Roberts her only Academy Award.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below! And I’ll see you after the next episode!

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