Special Ops Lioness: You can learn a lot listening to Kaitlyn and Joe talk

There is star power in Special Ops Lioness, which premiered this weekend. We’ve got Zoe Saldana starring who has been an important part of both of the biggest movie franchises in history with Avatar and The Avengers. Then you’ve got two Academy Award winning screen legends in Morgan Freeman and Nicole Kidman.

We get to watch Joe (Saldana) and Kidman (Kaitlyn) trading lines in the first two episodes. And if you really observe the conversation, you can learn a lot.


You can tell that Kaitlyn thinks Joe might be going too hard on Cruz, but she trusts Joe and greenlights the torture operation anyway.

Kaitlyn cares about Joe by steering the conversation towards her family. I mentioned in another post that I’m not sure that Joe really cares for them all that much. Even when talking about her kids, she seems to have problems discussing things.

I hope the show takes some time to further define the relationship between these two. It almost appears that at some point Kaitlyn may have been Joe, and Joe could have been Cruz. This is a Taylor Sheridan joint, his viewers like that kind of continuity.

Then there is a question over how this relationship will be affected by Cruz being thrown into the deep end of this op. While Joe seems intent on making sure that Cruz can survive long enough to be rescued if she has to be, Kaitlyn doesn’t seem to be to worried about whether operatives live or dies that much.


“Go to Bragg and make another one” she tells Joe after her first teammate is discovered and killed in the first episode.

There is a lot of space to move around there. I hope they further explore more with the dynamic between these two. It’s a big reason of why we’re here..

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