The Bachelorette: It’s really only Joey vs Duton at this point

You could blame it on Accessory King and season villain, Brayden, for taking up so much time earlier in the season, but the remaining time for Charity Lawson as our Bachelorette should only be a two person race at this point.

Joey vs. Duton. That’s it really, despite the fact that we’re getting four hometowns next week.

Aaron B., after vanquishing his chief rival in Brayden (story HERE) found himself becoming a little like his enemy this week, jealous that Charity was still spending her time with others.

And Xavier, who was the only remaining barrier between us watching Tanner go to hometowns with no one on one time with Charity, showed a great deal of hesitancy during that final sit down with his possible future wife. There was too much uncertainty in his vocabulary given how late in the season we are.

It has to be either Joey or Duton.

Let’s start with Joey, who has more screen time kissing Charity than almost any other guy here. His conversations seem more authentic. Given how much drama that this franchise tends to serve up to us, he’s stayed relatively clear from it all.

There are some calling for Joey to be the next (non Golden) Bachelor. I could see that.

Then we have Duton. His path here has not been fun. He’s jumped off a bridge and gone on a run. That sounds more like one of those Special Forces shows than a season of The Bachelorette. He also doesn’t say stupid things. And that’s really important on this show.

What a season. But it’s a two person race right now. On to next week! Vote in our poll below!!!

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