Hijack: How the passengers sabotaged their own revolt

Oh my goodness. That Hijack episode 6 ending. The best thing a TV show can have me do is to get me shouting at it and wow, this penultimate episode has such an unsettling ending that next week’s finale seems like it’s years away.

They were so close to freedom. My heart goes out to those passengers.

How did we not see this coming?

We’re not new anymore. We know who all of the notable passengers on this plane are. So, imagine our surprise when Sam and the rest of the passengers began their revolt in an effort to take back the plane, and looked like they might actually pull it off, only to have a mystery woman go to the bathroom, pull a gun, and cap the pilot before seemingly locking herself in the cockpit.

But Sam gave her a heads up didn’t he? The first mistake he made in the entire show and it was a doozy.

While this ace corporate negotiator had to alert the rest of the passengers that they were running out of time, it was a risk to use the “get ready to shake things up” bottle to send out the signal.

Our secret hijacker likely had the bottle passed to her, did the math of the 200 plus passengers and four hijackers, and knew that she was going to have to get ready.

The show also gave us zero hints. We don’t even know who this lady is. There haven’t been any lingering shots her. This person just stood up and completely changed the complexion of the show.

I’m rattled. Just excellent television.

See you for the finale next week!

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