Secret Invasion: Trying to figure out how long Rhodes was gone for, and a “Few Good Men” writing

The Secret Invasion finale attempted to answer all of our questions, but with a storyline as complex as this one when you answer one question, you end up creating two more.

But let’s tackle the biggest one we had remaining when the credits began popping.

How long was James Rhodes gone for?

We discover during Secret Invasion that the War Machine we all know and love had been swapped out by a Skrull and was working against Nick Fury, trying to destabilize the entire planet setting up a World War, while Gravik tried to steal The Harvest, a collection of Avengers powers that would create a Super Skrull.

Here is what we know.

Skrull Rhodes never called the War Machine suit. This series would have been an episode long if he had. We have to surmise that this Skrull either wasn’t coded for War Machine and couldn’t trick Stark Technology or just plain couldn’t figure it out.

When was the last time we saw Rhodes before Secret Invasion? The first episode of “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”. He didn’t have the suit then. That could have been the Skrull Rhodey.

How about before that?

Avengers: End Game. Not only did he use the suit during The Battle of Earth but he also participated in the mission to get the Infinity Stones during the “time heist”. It’s hard to believe a Skrull would be able to fool all of The Avengers to do that.

Rhodes traded words with Captain Marvel. She would have figured him out. She knows a Skrull when she sees one.

What about the funeral? Doctor Strange. Spiderman. Fury. Captain Marvel again. They’re built to detect danger. Pepper and Happy were also there.

So we can hypothesize that Rhodes was abducted after Endgame.

Then there is Everett Ross (Martin Freeman). “Wakanda Forever” was also an ultra complicated mission that I would have a hard time believing a Skrull could accomplish. It would be a safe guess that he was taken after that movie.

Before closing off this post, I always like to point out similar writing. I saw this in the finale.

When Rhodes is trying to talk the President into aggressive action against Russia, the other military official in the room says the Russians “strenuously denies” accusations they attacked the Presidential motorcade which causes Rhodey to mock her for the term.

That line was entirely too close to what we saw in “A Few Good Men” where Kevin Pollack goofs on Demi Moore for strenuously objecting during the trial.

Disney needs to send Aaron Sorkin a check.

What do you think happened to Rhodes? Let me know in the comments below.

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