Captain Fall: Now, he’s sharing hopes and dreams after episode one

Captain Fall has reached port at Netflix and the latest adult animation show on the streamer throws a lot at us in the first episode. Let’s get going

The show begins with a law enforcement raid of a cruise ship, while it appears that it’s just another night on a vacation voyage, this doesn’t stop agents from raiding a party with kid’s dressed as the captain and zapping each of them with a stun gun, but the actual captain is captured too. But all doesn’t seem right according to Agent Steele (Christopher Meloni).

And he’s right, there is something very wrong about a cruise ship whose owner is called Mr. Tryant (Anthony Carrigan) and and the arrested captain is found hanging in his cell “Epstein style” according to the feds. This leaves Mr. Tyrant without a captain.

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Enter Jonathan Fall (Jason Ritter) the worst student in his naval academy class, who can only find a job steering an amusement park boat, and is such an embarrassment to his family that they trap him in a tree house while celebrating his older brother Tanner (Adam Devine).

But he’s a perfect fit for Mr. Tyrant who discovers him after his operative Liza burns down an employment office when they want to publicize the pitiful hire as a charitable act. Suddenly hailed as a hero by his two faced parents, Fall leaves home as Tyrant looks on his monitor and ends the episode with a sinister laugh.

Points of interest…

Jonathan Fall will captain the Caribbean Queen. Yeah, like the Billy Ocean song.

Meloni continues his TV law enforcement track with this show running along his epic Law and Order career.

Carrigan plays another crime boss after wrapping on “Barry”. One of the most clever TV shows of the modern era.

And yes, Adam Devine is in another sibling rivalry to add to his Righteous Gemstones work. Another excellent comedy.

Let’s see where Captain Fall takes us.

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